2D Race Game (UNITY3D 2018.2 + Admob Banner & Rewarded Video

Updates Note

  • Admob Ad Problems Fixed
  • Texts Compatible with the new version of Unity3D
  • Reset Score Button Added
  • Interstitial Ad Added
  • Unity3D 2018.2 TextMeshPro Fixed
  • Game Features

    • Android Game (You Can Switch To Other Platforms)
    • Admob Banner & Rewarded Video & Interstitial
    • Unity 2018.2
    • Universal (Phone & Tablet)
    • Sound On/Off Button
    • Reset Score Button
    • 19 Cars (8 Enemy , 11 Player)
    • Endless Game
    • 7 Sound File (1 Background Music 6 Effects)
    • 4 Visual Effects
    • Score And HighScore
    • Ambulance and Police Car Animation
    • 3 Different Scene (Main Menu Scene, Car Select Screen,Game Screen)
    • PNG Files
    • PDF file for editing game

    What Is This Game ?

    2D endless race game but different because you can destroy enemy cars.

    If you want use missile or use your car energy powers and destroy enemy cars.
    Get the highscore and open new cars, more healthy cars and powerfull missiles.

    If you can open the ambulance or police you get the siren button,just press button
    and enemy cars goes left or right lanes.ENJOY !!!

    If You Want Try This Game

    2D Race Game Demo(With Google Test Ads)

    If There Is A Problem

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