3D Photo Wheel – 3D Photo Book Bundle

UPDATE 16 June

  • New feature: markup item and embedded external link


Photo Wheel: Inspired by a deck of cards, 3D Photo Wheel Gallery transforms the input photos into 3D items and beautifuly arrange them in space. Each item can have extended content which may be opened up with a modal dialog. Various content types are supported including photo, audio, video, ajax, inline and iframe.

Photo Book: 3D Photo Book assembles your photos and create a beautiful 3D book using Javascript and CSS. The book pages can be flipped forwared and backward to review more pages. You can also change the view angle to vary the look and viewing perspective.


Various controls, parameters and configuration options are implemented to make the application extremely easy to customize and extend further.

Modular design

Application components are designed and split into separated modules with different responsibilities. Effortlessly swap out one component with another to modify the app functionalities.

Quality Control

Source code are well commented and thoroughly tested and checked to ensure its bug free quality for production.

Multiple Screen Supported

From desktop to mobile, the application will adapts to each screen size while maintaining elegant design and user experience.

Full Features

  • Over 50 configuration options
  • Multiple Controls: keyboard and mouse
  • Multiple Screen support: mobile, tablet. desktop
  • Advanced full fledged 2D gallery mode: auto activated on browser not fully supported CSS-3D feature
  • Rich mouse interactions: mousewheel, mousecam, mousedrag
  • Easily create slideshow using autoplay mode
  • Two openStyles: control the way gallery unfolding upon completed photo loading
  • Default dark theme and light theme
  • Multi categories support
  • Multi media support: photo, audio, video, ajax, inline, embedded iframe
  • Apply transparency on item using tweenOpacity and opacityOffset
  • Fullscreen support
  • Full width support
  • High quality Code Commenting
  • High quality Documentation
  • Custom item shadow supported using CSS box-shadow property
  • Custom item shape supported with ovalShape and roundCorner
  • Advanced MediaViewer component, a feature rich lightbox application to view extended contents
  • Multiple SASS variables offering extreme flexibility to customize application look and feel
  • HTML preprocessor using Pug templates
  • Advanced build system with Grunt: easily create distribution and examples file with builtin tasks
  • CSS preprocessor using SASS and Compass framework
  • animejs as core animation engine: multiple easing equations support, configure delay, duration, callback with ease
  • videojs as main video playback engine
  • audio5js as main audio playback engine
  • Advanced Customizer with builtin presets: easily configure the look and feel using common user interfaces.
  • Many Gallery Forms parameters: wheelAngle, innerRadius, viewAngle
  • Custom components: ItemTitle, ItemDescription, ButtonList, ButtonNavigtaor, GalleryScrollbar
  • Multiple examples files provided
  • Lightweight: only 26KB in gzip format

Image Credits:unsplash.com

Video Credits:pexels.com

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