Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

An extension for WooCommerce, this plugin helps you change list related products: list specific products, list product by category, list product by tag. You can easy to use settings in the related product: number product, order, … You can use layout grid or slide. Width grid you can set number column. With layout slide, you can set slide carousel easily.



  • Easy to configuration
  • Choose list related product by specific product
  • Choose list related product by categories product
  • Choose list related product by tags product
  • Layout related product grid or slide
  • Setting on layout grid: number column
  • Setting on layout slide: number item desktop, ipad, mobile, margin, autoplay, time autoplay, …
  • You can choose use default related yes or no
  • Easy to change title related product
  • You can set number related, order (ASC, DESC, or Randoom) to display
  • Change setting for individual products: Choose list related product (specific product, categories product, tags product), title related product, layout related product, …
  • Translate multi-language ready

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