Gold Guide 2021 – Offline – Material Design & AdMob – GDPR

Golde Guide 2020 – Offline is the new guide app to help you to post your articles and images with a very important features that will posting here for the first time, so you can post offline articles that can be see by user in offline mode too, also with images like a wallpapers features that help you to create a very amazing guide app with a clear content.

So you can use this to create a guide for any popular & trending apps or games like quotes or the guide for Free fight or the guide for whatsapp, guide for GTA , guide for subway and … ,Also you can create an app to explain how to do something or how to use something, finally you can create app for tips like tips for fitness, tips for …., Really is very easy to use it.


  • Android Studio Support
  • High quality of Material Design
  • Splash Screen
  • Support defferent articles format (Html , Sample Text)
  • Support to integrat the youtube videos in your articles
  • Support to add the images with a features like as a wallpaper app
  • View , Download and Share Images
  • Local DataBase (easy to edit it)
  • Support Online & offline images and files
  • Admob Banner and Intersitial integrated & GDPR
  • Easy to reskin is clear and sample

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