Hotspotter – Hotspot Maker jQuery Plugin


IMPORTANT NOTE: CMS “like wordpress and joomla” installation is no longer supported, although the plugin could easily run in any CMS, Unfortunately Many users don’t have the technical skill to do it, there were lots of confusion, so I decided it’s better to drop support for it.

If you have the basic technical skill & were able to install it, i will still support the plugin “nothing specific to the CMS”

Easily create amazing hotspots on your images with just point & click!


  • Different Types of Spots & Tooltips
  • UNIQUE & Amazing Aiming Effect!
  • Tip & Bubble tooltips
  • Change tooltip direction “top, bottom, right, left”
  • Different tooltip animations
  • Change tooltip position relative to spot
  • Activate it on hover , click or make it always active
  • Change spot border radius
  • Make your spot point to a URL
  • Add text or HTML content to tooltips
  • Create spots with your own images!
  • Share your spots “have a direct link to it , when navigating to this link the browser window will scroll down to where the image is located & trigger spot”
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easily control spots with javascript
  • Degrade gracefully with older browsers like IE7!, only the Editor require a modern browser
  • Unobtrusive spots
  • Easily create custom spots even with little coding experience!
  • Comes with an Editor, no code!

Editor Features

  • Dosen’t require PHP or MySQL just a modern browser!
  • Work with local files
  • The Editor will give you an already formatted HTML, just copy & paste!
  • Use arrow keys for precise positioning
  • Want to create similar spots, there’s a clone button!
  • Test custom image spots directly in it

The plugin & editor where designed from start to be intuitive & require as little documentation as possible.

If you need support email me from my profile page, Enjoy!

Who use it!

  • Xerox Canada use hotspotter in IBM websphere commerce based B2B webapp. They use a slightly modified Editor with the jquery plugin to allow customers to easily customize products while making it easy for webapp owner employees to mark customizable parts.
  • Eli Lilly
  • Clorox
  • Greenpeace
  • Many other happy web design agencies & freelancers around the world.


Aiming Effect


Some Spots


The Editor

Still many more features, look at Live preview!



22-08-2020 plugin v2.0.4, editor v2.0.1
    - Adding new developer-oriented features related to hotspot handling
    - Updating documentation

02-07-2014 plugin v1.8.2, editor v1.4.2
    - Drop support for CMS like wordpress and joomla, although the plugin could easily work in any CMS, it confuse beginners for example: the need to use child themes in wordpress before adding hotspotter. A more experienced user will be able to install it easily.

14-05-2014 plugin v1.8.2, editor v1.4.1
    - Editor: changing preview background to avoid conflict with aim spot tooltip

14-05-2014 plugin v1.8.2, editor v1.4.0:
    - Plugin: Aim spot triggered on click would now be
    deactivated when user click anywhere on the image instead of
    having to click the same spot again

05-05-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.4.0:
    - Editor: performance optimizations

01-05-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.8:
    - Editor: fix cloning bug

30-04-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.6:
    - Editor: better handling of large images

01-04-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.5:
    - added joomla 3 installation instructions

28-03-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.5:
    - Editor: used protocol relative paths with fallback to local files to be
    able to run the editor locally, on unsecured servers "http" and secured ones "https" 

25-03-2014 plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.4:
    - Editor: fixed bug when cloning Aim type spot and animation is off
    - Editor: clean up of code
    - Editor: removed linux added file to avoid user confusion

16-02-2014, plugin v1.8.1, editor v1.3.3:
    - fixed bug when using quotes in spot name
    - workaround for firefox reporting incorrect image dimensions

07-11-2013, plugin v1.8.0, editor v1.3.3:
    - added a workaround for IE10 bug to be able to show cached image spots
    - removed small space below image spots

03-09-2013, plugin v1.7.9, editor v1.3.2:
    - fixed plugin conflict with mootools, that will allow running it smoothly 
      in joomla

26-06-2013, plugin v1.7.8, editor v1.3.2: 
    - fixed old IE support code in documentation for wordpress installation
    - fixed bug that prevented using image spots with aiming effect

29-04-2013, plugin v1.7.7, editor v1.3.2:
    - Plugin: only one spot will be active if u used on click spots

09-04-2013, plugin v1.7.6, editor v1.3.2:
    - Editor: Fixed bug in image spots positioning & inclusion

27-03-2013, plugin v1.7.6, editor v1.3.1:
    - Plugin: slight change in 'goin' animation to make it more consistent with any spot size

11-03-2013, plugin v1.7.5, editor v1.3.1:
    - Plugin: image spots become responsive
    - Plugin: image spot will also hover with aim effect

02-03-2013, plugin v1.7.4, editor v1.3.1::
    - Editor: bug fix in cloning
    - Plugin: bug fix in aiming effect

26-02-2013, plugin v1.7.3, editor v1.3.1
    - Editor: improvement in image loading
    - Editor: improvement in image spots markup
    - Editor: bug fix for getting code

24-02-2013, plugin v1.7.3, editor v1.3.0:
    - Editor: you can now load previously generated code
    - Editor: added option to format generated code for use with wordpress
    - Editor: minor Interface change
    - added wordpress installation instruction in documentation

03-02-2013, plugin v1.7.3, editor v1.2.2:
     - Editor: use aiming effect with custom image spots
     - Plugin: modified glass spot

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