Jalendar 2 Calendar Kit [Events, Range Selecting and More…]


Jalendar2 is a premium calendar plugin pack
that created with jquery javascript library.

13 Language Support

English, Türkçe, Espanol, Deutsch, French, Italian, Filipino, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese and Polish language support

4 different options

Jalendar offers you 4 different calendar options. You can list your events, you can link to days, you can use Jalendar Selector for date selecting and you can use Jalendar Range for range selecting on calendar.

Designing options

You can set multiple and unlimited colors to calendar’s background, day colors, week colors and year color.

A lot of properties

You can use unlimited colors,
13 languages, date types. And you can change week start day. There is more option with plugin’s properties.

For more detail, you can visit demo page.

Try this plugin now >

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