jQuery Step Wizard with Step Form Builder – Timon Step Form

jQuery Step Wizard with Step Form Builder – Timon Step Form

With the help of jQuery Step Form Wizard with Step Form Builder you will have power combo of
21 different styles, 8 different transition effects,
validation in your step form, titles and subtitles with multiple steps.
, also jQuery Step Form Wizard with Step Form Builder has predefined set of form sizes from tiny to large.
You can easily create and customize any form to fit your needs.
This is jQuery Step Wizard plugin, not WordPress plugin

Grumpy – Multi Step Indicator 60 Style

With Form Builder you can create step forms very easily


Create form with Drag and drop

Change any settings of form elements very easily

Change step information with 1 click

Features :

  • Step navigation
  • Fully responsive
  • Many options for design and function
  • Can be used for tabs
  • Step navigation
  • 21 Style
  • 8 transition effect
  • Pure CSS3
  • Works with all CSS3 Browsers
  • Easy to implement, customize and style

Using :

Frequently Asked

Support, Questions and Offers

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Do not hesitate to ask, we will figure out how to help you!

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Change log

2.5 | 03.08.2018

- Fixed: Responsive issue

2.4 | 30.04.2018

- Added : Remove steps from builder
- Added : Save/load/remove templates based on local storage

2.3 | 25.09.2017

- Added : Install for step form builder

2.2 | 01.03.2017

-Fixed: Validation problem in exported file from builder
-Fixed: Navigation to previous steps when validation option is true

2.1.2 | 29.01.2017

-Fixed: 'Many steps' bug

2.1.1 | 27.01.2017

-Fixed:Minor bugs in plugin

2.0 | 05.12.2016

-Added:Form builder for creating step Form
-Fixed:Minor bugs 

1.6 | 21.11.2016

-Added: Before and after click events
-Fixed: minor bugs 

1.5 | 01.08.2016

-Added: New option for disable steps
-Changed: jQuery version (from 1.11.0 to 3.1.0).Compatible with jQuery 3.1.0

1.4 | 24.05.2016

-Added: New option for control many steps   

1.3 | 17.05.2016

-Added: New events (getCurrentIndex ,goto,nextStep,previousStep,validate,nextButtonLabel,prevButtonLabel,finishButtonLabel)

1.2 | 15.05.2016

-Fixed: Minor bugs
-Added: Click events

1.1 | 08.05.2016

 -Fixed:Some bugs in validation   

1.0 | 19.04.2016


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