This item represents a new vision of a slideshow, offered as a jQuery plugin.
Some of possible uses :

  • To use it instead of powerpoint in order to present your ideas
  • To advertise a product, a website, …
  • To make an HTML designed book
  • etc, etc.


  • Able to use other plugins in addition of this one
  • Able to load unlimited number of pages
  • It can contains what you want (a page is a simple div)
  • The pages (center of the page) are automatically resized with the browser
  • Fully and easily customizable
  • Very easy to use
  • Keyboard navigation (RIGHT / LEFT / SPACE / L)
  • Slideshow option
  • Autoplay option
  • Loop option
  • Image preloading option
  • Go to a certain page (with secured input control)
  • W3C Valid
  • Works on iOS (iPhone / iPad) and certainly on Android
  • Three themes included (grey, blue, orange)
  • 4 transition presets
  • You can write your own transition with a simple function in the plugin call
  • Transitions can be different for the next and previous actions
  • Well commented (most actions in the code contain comments)

How to use it

JS – Syntax

    autoplay: boolean,
    loop: boolean,
    intervalTime: integer,
    preloading: boolean,
    transitionFct: function

JS – Example with a preset transition

var transitionFunction = function(elt, source, transitionTime) {
    Transition.opacity(elt, source, transitionTime);

    autoplay: false,
    loop: false,
    intervalTime: 2000,
    preloading: false,
    transitionFct: transitionFunction

JS – Example with a transition we write

var transitionFunction = function(elt, source, transitionTime) {
    elt.css("opacity", "0");

    // If we're going to the next page
    if (source == "RIGHT") {
        elt.css("marginLeft", "100%");
            "opacity": 1,
            "marginLeft": "0px" 
        }, transitionTime);
    } else {
        elt.css("marginRight", "100%");
            "opacity": 1,
            "marginRight": "0px" 
        }, transitionTime);

$presentation = $(document).simplePresentation({
    autoplay: false,
    loop: false,
    intervalTime: 4000,
    preloading: true,
    transitionFct: transitionFunction


<div id="container">
    <div id="page1">
    <div id="page2">

Each div with id=”pageX” represent a page.

Each pages must have an id that starts with “page”.

Compatible browsers

This item works with the following browsers :

  • Firefox 4+
  • IE7+ (uses a separated css stylesheet for IE less than V.9)
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Safari

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