Kids Learning : Kids Paint, Paint Free, Drawing Fun – Android Game + Admob + Facebook Integration

This is the perfect place for children to express their artistic side with the many features at their fingertips. Kids Desk offers an array of Coloring Pages, colorful stickers and even some funky patterned brushes, glitter brushes, crayons, pencils that will no doubt add a different twist to their artwork.

Love sketching ? Want to Learn how to Sketch ? We got all covered with Drawing Desk, the best drawing pad in your android phone.

Draw shapes and lines with our amazing shape kit and the ruler to make your drawing a perfect one.

Kids Learning Draw & Coloring Book is the SUPER android drawing app for kids!

This application has a simple and easy to use UI. It is not confusing and easily recognizable icons are used in the app which makes it easy for kids to use. This is a single screen and one click app, you land on the app and can start using it as soon as you click on app icon, no annoying welcome screens or button clicks required to actually start working on the app

What you get:-
1. Full Source code.
2. Design in screenshot.
3. Documentation.
4. demo apk

1) Android
2) android studio(Build in 3.5.3)
3) android phone (OS 4.1.x later)
4) phone and tablet support
5) android (Development language)

Advertisement in application:-
1. Admob ADS
2. Facebook ADS

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