Magnifying Glass for Image

This is a jQuery plugin to present you images under a magnifying glass.


  • Cross browser, supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE6 +.
  • Support Mouse Wheel Zoom
  • Set the magnification
  • Set the glass size
  • Set the glass shadow
  • Set the glass convexity
  • Set the glass border Radius (Glass shape: Round, Square, Rounded Square)
  • Set the glass border width
  • Set the glass border color
  • Set the image opacity and hover opacity
  • Set the image gray and hover gray
  • Set the image blur and hover blur
  • Transition animation for image opacity, gray, blur
  • Enable specify an big image for zoom
  • Detail Help Html File included.

Attention – Browser-Support

  • IE6 IE7 IE8 does not support convexity and only square glass shape

Note: For security reasons, the browser does not allow local access to the page file. Do not use ftp://…. to open the page file with a browser, please upload it to the web server, and open the page with http://….
In addition, you cannot access pictures across domains. Make sure that the page files and the picture files are under the same domain name.

please see the live preview.

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