Multi Counters for WordPress – Increasing the Conversion of Purchases

Multi Counters – WordPress plugin for simply creating any counters, countdowns and timers with triggers

Multi Counters – advertising and marketing software for growing the conversion of purchases by making a shortage impact, urgency impact and social proof through any counters, countdowns and timers with triggers.


  • Countdown to a sure date
  • Countdown for a sure time
  • Counter with any quantity
  • Set a cookie for guests
  • Set Up triggers when the rely ends
  • Customized styling

What can you employ the Multi Counters for?

  • Create shortage impact with restricted quantity of no matter you might be providing
  • Create urgency impact with restricted time affords
  • Create social proof by displaying how widespread your supply is & how many individuals are speeding in to purchase it
  • Setup restricted-time affords. Setup restricted-quantity affords
  • Time something

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