Pricely – Bootstrap Powered Price Charts

One of the most popular frameworks today, Bootstrap gives you the ability to start your web project almost instantly.

Use Pricely to create elegant price charts, spiced up with some CSS3 and HTML5, for showcasing your product ranges and packages.

With three distinct styles provided you can choose the one that fits your project the best.

Check out our demo to experience Pricely!

Note: Compatible with Bootstrap v3.0+ only.

Bonus: Free Bootstrap HTML Template

Get Compose, a Bootstrap HTML template, for free. It runs perfectly with Pricely and our responsive Mega Menu.


  • Classic: The classic price chart.
  • Business: For a more serious approach.
  • Professional: Got more plans, no problem…just go pro!


  • Built on Bootstrap
  • Elegant Design
  • Works with most Bootstrap JS components
  • CSS3 transitions
  • Responsive
  • Clean code
  • Lightweight and quick to load
  • Button hover effects
  • Supports Modals, Collapsible areas and Tooltips (customization required)

Did we mention that you can use most of the Bootstrap JavaScript components with your tables? Just takes a little bit of customization and you make your price charts do much more than show plain text!

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