Ringtones and Name Ringtone Maker with AdMob

<head><title>Ringtones and Name Ringtone Maker</title>

Ringtones and Name Ringtone Maker is an Android Application which provides vast number ringtones including 7 different categories and the app is also enable user to create their own named ringtone. This app is very easy to reskin and biggest plus point is that the app comes up with in build admob integration.

Demo APK
You can check out the Demo Applicationhere


✔ Easy to reskin

✔ Set Sounds as Ringotone, Notification Tone Download

✔ AdMob Banner and Native Ads

✔ 7 different categories and 118 different sounds

✔ Customer Support

Some reskinning ideas would be:

Animal Sounds, Christmas Ringtones,Sounds Effects board


Have fun creating your own ringtones app !

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