Scroll to Style jQuery Plugin


scrollToStyle is a versatile tool that lets you manage CSS properties of elements using the page scroll.
You will be able to compel the elements move, change their size, color, opacity, background and many other properties.

Using scrollToStyle plugin, you can create incredible animations to visualize various data, apply effects to images and create stunning 3D graphics.

You can also implement sprite animation.

And the most important thing is that in the animation will be involved the user using mouse scroll.


  • Management absolutely all the properties of a numeric value
  • Browser Support depends only on selected properties
  • It manages multiple properties of the same element
  • Management fractional property values and control the number of decimal places
  • Fixing of the screen during an animation
  • Animation range control
  • A lot of helper classes
  • Very small weight of plugin
  • Large and detailed documentation

Change Log


– 07/08/2017 Added Canvas Sprite Animation.


– 04/07/2017 Added CSS Sprite Animation.


– 31/03/2017 Added “minwidth” parameter.


– 21/01/2017 Greatly simplified initialization process.

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