Smart Image Tooltip – jQuery Tooltip Plugin for Images

Smart Image Tooltip is easy to use and setup plugin that can show images as tooltips for thumbnails or normal links. Plugin requires proper structure for the HTML used, and it supports adding all sorts of extra data that can be displayed inside the tooltip.

Tooltip can be styled using CSS and it supports template for rendering. Plugin supports mobile/touch based devices to open tooltip on hover or click depending on the device or the plugin settings. There are many other settings to control plugin available.

Plugin needs to be applied to one or more link or any other element (link with thumbnail). Tooltip/preview will be populated by various data generated from target element.

Plugin is tested with current Android browsers, iPhone and iPad Safari and Chrome, all modern desktop browsers. It requires JavaScript and jQuery support to work.

Included display templates

  • Basic: shows just an image with no extra styling
  • Simple: image with simple and clean dark border
  • Caption: image and caption underneath
  • Envato: image with extra information similar to Envato product tooltips

Other Features

  • Preload image before displaying tooltip
  • Customizable preload animation and reposition tooltip
  • Various demos and examples to show how menu can be set
  • Full source files for both CSS and jQuery
  • Minimized CSS and JS files


Version 1.7 / 2020.06.11.

  • Updated: refactoring some jQuery event handlers
  • Updated: various improvements to the plugin core

Version 1.6 / 2019.04.21.

  • Changed: links and images for some demos
  • Changed: removed some outdated and unused code
  • Updated: tested with the jQuery 3.x

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