SVG Editor

A super simple yet powerful, user-friendly, browser-based SVG vector editor. Built with the latest web development techs: React.js and Fabric.js.

Provide your users an easy-to-use drawing tool. Or alternatively, it’s also a great starting point to build more complex things, like Canva.

Editor Features

The aim was to keep the editing experience easy for the average user. It contains only the minimum, most basic tools that are necessary to draw almost anything.

  • Object settings: color & gradient fill, border, alignment, transformations, image effects
  • Basic shapes included
  • Connectable lines and curves, free draw
  • 15° jumps on rotation and line drawing (while holding Shift)
  • Textbox with font settings
  • File upload via HTML5 File API, so we don’t need a server
  • Save image as SVG, JPG or PNG
  • Basic shortcuts: arrow key, undo/redo, copy/paste
  • You can also paste an image from the clipboard
  • Zoom (Ctrl +/-, Ctrl + mouse wheel)
  • Cross-browser support, displays a warning for old browsers
  • Touch friendly (tested on touchscreen notebook)

Code Features

  • Built with the latest React features
  • Re-usable JS components
  • Easy to translate: all texts are stored in a JSON file
  • Clean, commented code
  • Works in all modern, major browsers
  • Easy to maintain and modify
  • Documentation

Before asking any question, please read the documentation and Frequently Asked Questions!


v1.1.0 – October 18, 2022

- added a changelog
- base app update, package updates, fixed a bunch of deprecated warnings
- app now supports latest LTS Node version (v16.17.1)
- updated Fabric to latest 3.x.x version (v4 and v5 contains breaking changes, it will be a bigger update later)
- updated app render to React 18
- fixed SASS lint issues
- fix: when only a part of a text was selected, font size change didn't work
- fix: CTRL + scroll zoom issues
- fix: alignment tools didn't work well when zoomed in/out
- fix: downloaded image size changed when zommed in/out
- fix: ungrouping just grouped objects didn't work
- fix: selection settings panel disappeared after ungrouping

v1.0.1 – June 29, 2020

- Fix: Shape component's title was untranslated
- Fix: after free draw selecting the object produced an error
- Updated files: src/components/Shapes.js, src/components/SelectionColorSettings.js, src/languages/en.json

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