TicTic – Android media app for creating and sharing short videos

Native Android App built-in Android Studio

Tictic / TikTik – Android app for creating and sharing short videos. The customizable social video application to build your own trending video sharing platform with video dubbing features, various filters & social media integrations & more. Build your unique Tik Tok / Musical.ly / Dubsmash-like Clone Today!


  • Login / Signup
    Your users can use their phone number, email address or social media accounts for registering themselves with the app. These credentials can be used for logging into the app
  • Newsfeed: Based on the user’s followers & following, the news feed is constantly updated to showcase the latest posts from other users, top viewed posts in the area, Designed for maximum user engagement rate.
  • Song Audio Selection: Select your favorite tracks or upload your own from admin panel, for our custom video dubbed post with your own song or audio selection.
  • Dubbing and Video Selfie: Record custom music-dubbed video selfie posts or record performances – Multiple options to help users become mini internet stars themselves on our customisable Tik Tok clone.
  • Video Sharing: Share your dubbed video or media with other users or on other social channels as well on the TikTok clone customizable app.
  • View and Like Your Favourite Video: Users can view videos of various users. Like, comment, and share posts also on the customizable TikTok clone app.
  • Live Streaming: Going live is such a lot easier on our live video streaming solution. Their friends are going to be notified and that they can watch the live stream in real-time on our live video streaming solution.
  • Multiple Media Attachment Chat Options: Tiktok clone social video dubbing & sharing script is integrated with an in-app chat module with a wide variety of multimedia sharing options. Users can attach images or share videos and also send the voice messages.
  • Video Discovery:
    Videos shared by other users can also be searched via hashtags or by specifically typing the video title.
  • Video Posting:
    The videos created over this platform can be posted by users along with hashtags, descriptions, etc. Other app users can also be tagged in the videos.
  • Video Filters:
    Various available filters can also be applied to the videos before sharing them on the user profiles. The filters can enhance the visual effects of videos and make them look more professional.
  • Video Comments:
    Other users can comment on your video and vice versa. This helps in improving video content as users come to know what others feel about their work.
  • In-app Push notifications:
    These notifications inform users whenever users follow other users or send a message or do live streaming
  • Favorite Sounds:
    Interesting soundtracks can be saved by users in their profiles and used for video creation in the future.
  • View User Profile:
    Both profiles and videos of other users can be viewed easily using this app. Users can even like, share, and follow the profiles they find entertaining
  • Privacy Settings
    The privacy settings of users can be changed as per their requirements. The uploaded video can be shared only with himself or for the general public and also if users can do a duet or not.
  • User Reporting:
    Report other users or posts for a number of reasons. This helps maintain high content quality standards on your TikTok clone app.

Some of the user’s apps links listed below using our app

Server Requirements

  • Php 7.0
  • VPS/Cloud: The code will not work on Shared hosting.
  • Ffmpeg should be installed

Upgrade from Regular to Extended license

Unfortunately, Codecanyon doesn’t have any feature of upgrading license from regular to extended. But what you can do is first purchase an extended license. Apply for a refund and during applying write your extended license purchase code and ask for a refund. Our team will verify your extended license purchase from the purchase code and give you a refund

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Change Log

Code changelog will not provide from our side, once a new release happens, you have to use an online tool to differentiate the project file, even you can use android studio to know which file has changed.

Version 3.1.1 Updated July 5 2022

    1. Android 12 android video upload issue resolved
    2. API max version 32 is now bug-free
    3. sound search implement
    4. deep-link configuration issue resolve
    5. profile UI issue resolve while coming from a link
    6. Multiple screen size library updated
    7. in-app purchase billing update V4 to V5

Version 3.1.0 Updated Feb 19 2022

    1. Bug fixed & many major improvements
Version 3.0.9 Updated Oct 20 2021

    1) Notification issue done
    2) hashtag issue done
    3) watermarks issue done
    4) null video on home screen remove
Version 3.0.8 Updated Oct 7 2021

    1) Home screen profile issue resolve
    2) User feed video profile image show
    3) Comment screen from discover crash issue resolve
    4) Video cache implement 
    5) Deeplink implementation issue solve
    6) Content share to other app android 11 issue resolve
Version 3.0.7 Updated Aug 19 2021

    1. Bug fixed & many major improvements
Version 3.0.6 Updated Aug 18 2021

  1. change email [New]
  2. change phone no [New]
  3. email verification added (signup) [New]
  4. delete account [New]
  5. profile share by QR code (scanner and genrator) [New]
  6. share profile by in app link(deeplink) with follower and other app [New]
  7. share video by in app link(deeplink) with follower and other app [New]
  8. Localization with multiple language [New]
  9. chache and storage clear [New]
  10. whole app image and gif cache optimize [New]
  11. Add multiple account and switch multiple account [New]
  12. Whole app make responsive (look like same in tablet and mobile phone) [New]
  13. Live notificaion feature added [New]
  14. suggestion user feature added [New]
  15. pagination added in to (comment,my video,liked vide,private video,hashtag video,sound,hashtag, discover) [New]
  16. terms and condition checks implement UCG (according to app policy) [New]
  17. total like screen added [New]
  18. remove follower feature added [New]
  19. save video,music and images added (all devices) [New]
  20. sdk and android api latest level implementation added [New]
  21. contact profile shareing added [New]
  22. facebook friends invite and follow in app [New]
  23. video upload percentage added [New]
  24. like animation added [New]

  1. Profile Screen Design Change [Updated]
  2. show profile screen design update [Updated]
  3. Promo Ads video Optimize(full screen ads manage) [Updated]
  4. Video Playing Screen Optimize(video playing smooth, player video screen size manage) [Updated]
  5. share video with multiple user added functionality updated with screen [Updated]
  6. follow,following and suggestion user screen update [Updated]
  7. favourite(video,sound,hashtag) screen update [Updated]
  8. search screen optimize [Updated]
  9. for memory managment convert fragments into activity whole app [Updated]
  10. trimer functionality updated (min and max both trim work) [Updated]
  11. in app purchase v4(latest) implementation updated [Updated]
  12. setting screen design updated [Updated]
  13. gradle and plugin latest implementation updated [Updated]
  14. tag and mention friends issue fixed [Updated]
  15. privacy comment and chat now properly apply issue fixed [Updated]
  16. Like privacy video issue resolve [Updated]
  17. save video not show issue resolve [Updated]
  18. on start app video crash remove [Updated]
  19. image upload crash remove [Updated]
  20. depricated method remove and alternative use [Updated]
  21. live stream crash resolve [Updated]
  22. solve app demention issue screen UI issue [Updated]
  23. code structure optimize [Updated]
Version 3.0.5 Updated Aug 15 2021

    1. Documentation Updated
    2. Gift System [fixed]
    3. Coins in-app purchases [fixed]
    4. Videos speed improvement [New]
    5. Bug fixed & many major improvements
    6. Mobile App speed improvements
Version 3.0.4 Updated May 9 2021

    1. Documentation Updated
    2. Gift System [New]
    3. Coins in-app purchases [New]
    4. Promote Video through Admin [New]
    5. Videos speed improvement [New]
    6. Bug fixed & many major improvements
Version 3.0.3 Updated Mar 28 2021

    1. Documentation Updated
    2. Bug fixed & improvements Android Code
Version 3.0.2 Updated Mar 25 2021

    1. Animated Watermark [New]
    2. Changes in Utility.php, Regular.php, Extended.php, ApiController.php,Constant.php [New]
    3. Added new field in Database video table (duration)
Version 3.0.1 Updated Mar 17 2021

    1. Live Streaming [New]
    2. Share videos with Friends [New]
    3. Promote Videos [New]

Version 3.0.0 Updated 20 Jan 2021

    1. Video Save/Share feature Bug [Fixed]
    2. Video Recording Black Screen bug [Fixed]

Version 2.9.9 Updated 21 Dec 2020

    1. Documentation Updated
    2. Bug fixed & improvements Android Code

Version 2.9.8 Updated 16 Dec 2020

    1. Documentation Updated
    2. Bug fixed & improvements

Version 2.9.7 Updated 26 Nov 2020

    1. Api shifted from core php to cakephp [NEW]
    2. Security features and lots of new features has been added [NEW]
    3. Admin Panel has been redesigned with many new features [NEW]
    4. Terms & conditions and privacy policy page [NEW]
    5. Discovery screen new design [NEW]
    6. Post Video with tags and hashtags
    7. App speed improve [NEW]
    8. Like comment [NEW]
    9. Search Screen (Users,videos,sounds,hashtags) [NEW]
  10. Fast video uploading process [NEW]
  11.  Share (Save Video , Delete Video , Privacy Setting etc etc) 
  12.  AWS CDN for fast video loading speed [NEW]
  13.  Twillo for SMS OTP [NEW]
  14 Now we are adding the auth tokon to server when login with social media Account Like (Facebook , google) to validate the user in header. [NEW]
  15 Design improvements [NEW]
  16 Now a user can search a sounds and hashtag in discovery section. [NEW]
  17 A user can favourite a video and also can manage our favourite video in our profile. [NEW]
  18 A user can see the video list that will be making against a sound. [NEW]
  19 A user can add the hashTags and mention our friends in video discription when he uploading a video. [NEW]
  20 A user can report a video or report a user. [NEW]
  21 Add a character limit in video description and in profile bio. [NEW]
  22 Add a pagination in different screen where data is comming in list. [NEW]
  23 Add a image slider in Discover section. [NEW]

Version 2.9.6 Updated 18 Aug 2020

    1. Video Speed Improvements
    2. Video Trim Feature
    3. Bug fixing and improvements

Version 2.9.5 Updated 12 Aug 2020

    1. Video recording limit change 15s or 1 min and  
    2. Video trim feature when pick video from gallery. 
    3. Duet
    4. API Improvements

Version 2.9.4 Updated 26 July 2020

    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. API/index.php changes only
    3. User Can Post Public/Private Video & disable comments [New]
    4. Admin panel fixes (replace uploadSound/index.php only)
    5. Like/Dislike count [Fixed]

Version 2.9.4 Updated 20 July 2020

    1. API/index.php changes only

Version 2.9.4 Updated 16 July 2020

    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. API/index.php changes only
    3. User Can Post Public/Private Video & disable comments [Uncompleted/Will be complete in new update]
    4. New uploaded video is not showing in profile after upload [Fixed]

Version 2.9.3 Updated 15 July 2020

    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. API/index.php changes only
    3. User Can Post Public/Private Video & disable comments [Uncompleted/Will be complete in new update]

Version 2.9.2 Updated 14 July 2020

    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. Signup issue [Fixed]
    3. Video Upload Server [Fixed]
    4. Video Audio Sound Merge [Fixed]
    5. Faster Video Upload Performance Improved [Fixed]
    6. Video Uploading In Background [New]
    7. User Can Post Public/Private Video & disable comments [Uncompleted/Will be complete in new update]

Version 2.9.1 Updated 8 July 2020

-Mobile App
    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. Sound merging issue on some devices [Fixed]
Version 2.9 Updated 2 July 2020

-Mobile App
    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. Video Stretching [Fixed]
    3. Crashs on open the app [Fixed]

Without ffmpeg video upload feature will not work and there were many users who are facing issues everywhere because of ffmpeg , if ffmpeg will not install, you will not able to upload any video.

Version 2.8 Updated 1 July 2020

-Mobile App
    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. Draft Video issue fixed
    3. Verified profile
    4. Optimize Video Speed
    5. Optimize "Use This sound" 
    5. Optimize Video Size
    6. Optimize App size (75MB to 10 MB)
    7. Watermark feature on download the video [Extended Version Only]

Version 2.7 Updated 20 June 2020

-Mobile App
    1. Bug Fixing & improvements 
    2. Draft Video [NEW]

Version 2.6 Updated 5 June 2020

-Mobile App
    1. bug fixing & improvements 
        2. notifications in the tab bar

        1. API security
Version 2.5 Updated 11 May 2020

-Mobile App
    1. bug fixing & improvements 

Version 2.4 Updated 14 April 2020

-Mobile App & Web Portal
    1. bug fixing & improvements 

    2. Improve sound uploading via portal
Version 2.3 Updated 21 Dec 2019

-Mobile App & Web Portal
    1. able to block/unblock user [New]
       2. able to add new sounds in bulk (.aac) format [Fixed]
    3. able to publish sounds file with selection of section [Fixed]
    4. able to add/edit/remove sound section [Fixed]
    5. able to add video in mobile app discovery [Fixed]
    6. able to to delete video [New]
    7. user able to remove video via mobile app too
    8. bug fixing & improvements Mobile app

TicTic - Android media app v2.2

- Camera Stretch issue fixed

TicTic - Android media app v2.3
New features
- Click on a hashtag will load videos
- Followers list
- Double-tap will like the video
- User can follow and unfollow each other 
- Upload Video from gallery 
- Notification screen 
- Direct Message
- Bugs fixed
- Improvements have been done
- Download video option added

TicTic - Android media app:

- Chat with users
- Chat Inbox
- Notifications on like , comment 

TicTic - Android media app v2.4

- Android 9 Supported
- SDK 28 Supported 
Version 2.5 Updated 15 April 2022

-Mobile App
    1. Android 9 Supported
        2. SDK 28 Supported [Fixed]
    3. Facebook implementation improvements [Fixed]
    4. Android 12 permission issues [Fixed]

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