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WooCommerce Product FAQ Improves user experience of your shop, It provides quick access to buyers information, and reduce support question and queries. Add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to the products within your WooCommerce shop. Visitors of your store can then read those Product Questions while browsing the Product Pages within your website.

By checking the Product Question end user can also able to respond to a specific question by adding their comment. Option to add unlimited questions and set product by the backend, so it can display on product pages. WooCommerce Product FAQ has full customization options.

End-user, buyer’s also able to post their questions so that admin can see and approved their question. Once approved by the admin Question will display on the Product page.

WooCommerce Advanced Product FAQs Key Features

  • Accordion Display
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Support
  • Comments support
  • Sorting by name, date ascending, descending
  • Likes dislike functionality
  • Ajax based pagination for FAQ
  • Full setting options for customization
  • Option to post Question from user
  • Display FAQ on tab or after add to cart button
  • Fully Responsive
  • WooCommerce compatible style for product information tab
  • Custom Style Support
  • Schema Support
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • FAQs related to products
  • Displays within WooCommerce Product Tabs
  • Works with all Product Types
  • Easy Management
  • Option to set button’s text, color, font size etc

How To add FAQs in Product Pages.

Once installed you have a menu called FAQ’s in your dashboard, Click add new faq, Add your content, set related products with select2 and publish the FAQ.

WooCommerce Product FAQ’s Admin Listing.

In the admin listing of WooCommerce Product FAQ’s admin can see all the FAQs along with the attached products.

Option to Allow Enduser to post FAQ.

WooCommerce Advanced Product FAQ has the option to allow end-user to post their question as well. But this option is displayed only if the admin can allow it from the backend setting page. Admin can also have control to so approved or unapproved the User’s Questions.

Frontend FAQ’s Diplay.

WooCommerce Advanced Product FAQ have more options for frontend users, like shorting faq by name, date ascending and descending orders with ajax based pagination helps the user to found their question easily. Admin has the option to set faqs in Product tabs or after Add to Cart button. Users can easily see the total comment count, likes, and dislikes over the FAQ.

  • 1) Option to allow Ask Question
  • 2) FAQ Sorting Dropdown
  • 3) Total Comment Count
  • 4) Ajax based Likes and Dislikes

Tooltip on comment count.

Allow tooltip to display on comments count, So user can easily understand the functionality related to.

FAQ’s answer and Comment Section.

The answer of FAQ display below to Question, with like and dislike count and thumbs, Customer allow answering, comments below FAQ. Once the admin can review the comment he has the option to approved it for display.

Setting Options (WooCommerce Advanced FAQ’s)

General Setting Options (WooCommerce Advanced FAQ’s)

  • Enable Plugin
  • Question font size
  • Question background color
  • Question text color and font size
  • Pagination text color

Comment Setting Options (WooCommerce Advanced FAQ’s)

  • Comment top title
  • Default comment approved/unapproved
  • Comment tab background color
  • Comment text color and font size

Ask a Question Options (WooCommerce Advanced FAQ’s)

  • Enable Ask a Question
  • Button Text
  • Button text color
  • Button background color

Change log:

Version 1.0.0
Initial Release

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