WooCommerce Multi Vendor RMA Plugin

WooCommerce Multi Vendor RMA Plugin

The WooCommerce Multivendor RMA plugin facilitates admin and vendors to allow users to create return requests for their placed orders.

Users can request for replacement of the product if it is damaged, the wrong product, or for any other reason. They can also request for refund of that order. Vendors and admin will approve the request and initiate the refund to the customer’s account.


The WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Product RMA is an add-on to WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin. To use this plugin you must have installed the first WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin first.

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Why WooCommerce Multi Vendor RMA Plugin?


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Features of WooCommerce Multi Vendor RMA Plugin

  • The buyer and the seller can communicate at the store end.
  • RMA status, as well as reasons admin, can manage both.
  • RMA History with Filters and Pagination at the admin and the seller end.
  • Dynamic order selection with various options.
  • The customer can upload images while requesting RMA.
  • Email notification of RMA for the admin, seller, and customer as well.
  • The customer can print RMA details and shipping labels easily.
  • The seller can add their reasons as well for RMA also they can add shipping labels for RMA.

Highlighted Features

1- Separate RMA Request

The users can create different RMA for different orders and get a refund for each RMA.

2- Custom Message

The customer and seller can add custom messages to the RMA request. They can also chat regarding the product and solve the RMA request.

3- Bulk Action

The seller can manage RMA status in bulk mode as complete, resolved, and pending.

4- Reasons for Return

The admin and seller both can create different RMA reasons for the customer.

Business Use

Product return is the base requirement of any shopping website. If a customer didn’t satisfy with the product then they can place a return request for the same. It depends on the customer how they want a refund.

The WooCommerce Multivendor RMA plugin helps admins and vendors to activate the RMA system on their store so the customer can place the request accordingly. The seller and the admin can check the request and proceed accordingly.

Hence, this plugin is beneficial for the seller as well as for the customers.


"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 1.3.1"
"v 1.3.1" 
Fixed:   phpcs issue.
Improved: Code structure according to PHP and wp Coding standards.
Added:    Guest RMA feature.
"v 1.3.0" 
Added filters to view the RMA by RMA status on the admin, seller and customer end.
Added feature to re-open the RMA request for the customer if the seller declined.
Fixed bulk actions and search in the backend.
Added notices in both the backend and front end.
Fixed CSRF issue in front-end.
Added translations.
Fixed other security issues.
"v 1.2.1" 
Fixed: Fixed CSS issues.
Fixed: Replaced depreciated function with a new one.
"v 1.2.0" 
Update: Added icon for the menu at the seller-end.
Update: Managed active menu for different pages related to RMA in front-end.
"v 1.1.0" 
Fixed: Added pagination front-end RMA list.
Fixed: Removed form resubmissions.
Fixed: XSS vulnerabilities fixed.
Fixed: Added mime checks.
Fixed: Empty warning added while requesting new RMA.
Update: Updated as per the latest Marketplace version.
"Initial release v 1.0.0"

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