WooCommerce Price & Currency By Country Plugin

Start selling products according to the user’s country based prices & currency. The plugin empowers the merchants to create unlimited rulesets to assign country based prices for specific products & categories. The plugin also supports the currency of the shop based on the user’s country. Admin can create unlimited exchange rates for different currencies for different countries. The created exchange rates will be applied if the currency by country is enabled. The price & currency by country can be enable & disabled separately.

Features Of WooCommerce Price & Currency By Country Plugin

  • Apply country based prices for specific products, categories from rulesets.
  • Create unlimited rulesets for country based pricing.
  • Apply different prices for different countries.
  • Create rulesets for exchange rates for different countries.
  • Enable disable price by country & currency by country.
  • Detect user’s country from IP address, user’s billing & shipping Address.
  • Increase or decrease prices by fixed or percentage margin.
  • Auto detect country of user and change currency for user based on exchange rates.

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