WooCommerce Product Quick View Plugin

Show a Summary of your Product to Your Customers with WooCommerce Product Quick Overview Plugin!

Install WooCommerce quick view plugin on your store to show a quick summary of your product to your potential buyers. It’ll show in a quick popup on your catalog page. This plugin collects all the necessary details about your product like price, image, & short description and displays it to your website visitor in a quick popup.

You can add a view product details button to take users to the landing page right from the quick view. Your customers can flip through the product with the Previous & Next button, where they can explore more products in your shop.

There’s more. You can add a CTA button on the quick overview page where your customers can shop directly from the popup.

Show products in zoom to allow customers to have a better view of products. Try our WooCommerce Product Zoom Plugin

Enable Product Quick View on Shop and Catalog Pages

WooCommerce product quick view plugin shows your users to instantly view a product in a sophisticated popup on the shop or catalog page. It loads a product page quickly as the users can view the essential details on the popup.

Show Product Details to Quick View Popup

You can add product information on the popup to deliver most of the information to the user. The more details you add, the more users convert from the quick view.

Configure Position and Display of Quick View Button

You can configure a position for the quick view button. Display it on the product image or before the Add to Cart option. Choose a prominent place to make sure the users take notice of it. With customization settings, you can personalize the title, color of the text as well as background of the button.

Previous/Next Buttons for Products on a Quick View Popup

Enable arrow-like buttons to facilitate users in quickly viewing previous and next products without going back to the shop page. Let them stay on the quick view popup and continue browsing more products.

Add a ‘View Product Details’ button

With the WooCommerce view product button, your customers can visit the product landing pages and read the comprehensive description. Facilitate the users moving to the product details page right from the popup.

Allow Adding Products to Cart from Quick View Popup

With WooCommerce product view plugin, you can enable the Add to Cart button to ease users in continuing shopping on the quick view popup. It facilitates them in selecting products in a Quick view mode.

Customize Quick View & View Details Button

With WooCommerce quick view ultimate plugin, you can personalize quick view and view detail buttons such as title, text color, hover text color, background, etc.

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