WooCommerce Shipping Method Conditions & Priorities

Change logs:

version 0.1.10:

1. Fixed a checkbox save bug on plugin settings.

version 0.1.9:

1. Modified shipping method calculation priority to work with other plugins

version 0.1.8:

1. Added variable product support

version 0.1.5:

1. Added Date condition
2. Added City condition
3. Added IP condition
4. Fixed a visual glitch on small screens.

version 0.1.4:

1. Added Continent as condition.
2. Separated Shipping and Billing field conditions.
3. Fixed a bug with the location conditions.
4. Resolved a conflict with our other plugin for Payment Method Conditions

version 0.1.3:

1. Minor edits and fixes.

version 0.1.2:

1. Fixed the bug where the state condition dropdown was not saving.

version 0.1.1:

1. Added "Coupon not used" option
2. Fixed a few minor bugs

version 0.1.0:

1. Initial release

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