WooCommerce Tier Based Pricing

WooCommerce Tier Based Pricing

This plugin lets you add various sets of product rules for tiered pricing and apply them to a product. Furthermore, a global tier pricing rule is applied to all remaining products that do not have a product rule, making store owners’ jobs easier.

Admin can configure the commission structure either on a fixed or percentage basis.If a customer purchases the products through an affiliate then the affiliate will receive a commission.

The module allows customers to get discounts by increasing the amount of a product on the product page, which is based on tiered pricing.

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Why WooCommerce Tier Based Pricing?


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Features of WooCommerce Tier Based Pricing

  • The feature can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
  • The admin can use tier-based pricing on the store’s products.
  • To develop and manage the different circumstances for tier-based pricing, add product rules.
  • These discounts might be “layered,” meaning that they get better as the order value rises.
  • The module assists clients in selecting from a wide range of prices made available to them through the module’s capabilities.

Highlighted Features

1- Adding Discount Pricing based on Tiers

Customers can be offered discounts and tiered price rules can be added by the store admin.

2- Quantity Sorting

The Store Admin can arrange for tiered pricing to be listed in the discount table, which is sorted by product quantity.

3- Customers Can Benefit From Dynamic Pricing

The module assists customers in purchasing in bulk and obtaining larger discounts by using dynamic prices that tend to grow with the increase in demand.

4- Set Tier Pricing by Product

The module allows the admin to set tiered price rules to each product on a per-product basis.

Business Use

For a store owner, it is more advantageous when clients buy in bulk because it allows them to earn more money at the same time.

So, how can a store owner attract more customers in this manner? The administrator can easily implement tier-based pricing, which allows customers to receive greater discounts on products as they purchase more of them.

The modules provide the simplest method for offering tier pricing on products that can be easily managed and adjusted based on customer needs.

Furthermore, tier-based pricing shows a dynamic price chart with higher reductions as the quantity of the product increases.

Change Log

"Initial release v 1.0.0" 
v 1.0.0
Initial release

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