WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Mass Upload Plugin

Version 3.0.1 is out! Click here to view the ChangeLog

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Mass Upload Plugin

This Item only works with Webkul’s WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. Hence the Marketplace Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin.

By using WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Mass Upload the seller of the marketplace can bulk upload products. The seller can upload the bulk products from his seller account using a CSV file. Even the admin of the marketplace is also able to bulk upload products into the seller account using CSV files.

It will support Simple Products, Grouped Products, Variable Products, Downloadable Products and External Products as well. It also displays an error message to the seller and admin if there is an error in the CSV file or the ZIP file.

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Dear Customers, if you have a question/query, please raise a ticket at webkul.uvdesk.com. We will do our best to answer as quick as it is possible. Don’t give us a low rate without contacting support on the issue you’ve faced with. We are always happy to help you.

Features Of WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Mass Upload Plugin

  • The seller can add products in bulk.
  • The admin of the marketplace also able to add products in bulk.
  • The admin can add products to the seller account.
  • Products can be uploaded using CSV file.
  • Sample CSV files available to import products.
  • Image attachment with the products within the zip file.
  • If there is any error in the CSV file then, the products will not be uploaded.
  • The plugin is fully dynamic.
  • The code is fully open and you can customize as per your requirements.

A full functional demonstration of the product can be experienced even before a purchase


"Initial release v 1.0.0", "Current release v 3.0.1"
v 3.0.1
Update: Fixed phpcs issue
Update: Fixed omega Issues.
v 3.0.0
Update : Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x.
Update: Grouped product integration updated.
Update: Updated product insert query at seller-end to insert in bulk instead of separate queries.
v 2.0.0
Update:  Updated product import process from uploaded CSV to create products in batch at admin end.
v 1.2.0
New:  Introduced delete option for uploaded profiles for admin.
v 1.1.0
Update:  Updated and fixed run profile as the seller from the admin end.
v 1.0.1
Update :  Updated uploaded file type check.
v 1.0.0
Initial release

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